Frontend developer

Do you love investigating the engineering that goes into building great user interfaces on the web? Do you enjoy adapting and improving those practices when you build your own? You focus on user needs and user experience, while creating maintainable code and aiming for technical excellence?

Great! We’re looking for a developer focused on frontend and building user interfaces, who’s excited to work in an international, friendly, and welcoming team of frontend and backend developers on Oranienstraße in Kreuzberg Berlin.

Who we are

Bitcrowd is an agency producing web apps and sites for a range of clients. We want our projects to make the world a better place. Our tech stack changes based on the needs of our clients and the ever-evolving skills of our team, but on the server-side we generally focus on Rails and Elixir, while on the client-side we typically work with React. We handle our styling with one or more of: Sass, Post-CSS, or CSS Modules, depending on the requirements of the project.

You’ll have the opportunity to work with many different clients and projects. Some will be new projects, where you can impact the structure and technologies that help lead the project to a successful launch. Many are long-term projects, where we maintain, update, and improve products for clients with which we’ve built a great relationship over many years.

This is a full-time, permanently employed position in Berlin. Women, minorities, and individuals with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.

We value diversity and open minds on our team. We do not believe in ‘work hard/play hard’, and expect our team members to work the hours they’re paid for and no more. We believe a sustainable approach to work and life results in happier people, and better products. If you care about curiosity, continuous learning, knowledge-sharing, and technical excellence, Bitcrowd is the place for you.

What you’ll be doing

  • Collaborate with our teams of backend and frontend devs.
  • Write semantic and accessible HTML.
  • Build CSS architecture that’s solid, flexible, and maintainable.
  • Create highly-performant sites and webapps.
  • Produce design systems and component libraries that help bring our clients’ projects improved speed, consistency, testability, and polish.
  • Build on a range of backend technologies from Rails to server-side JS.
  • Pair programming. Sometimes it just makes sense to combine your knowledge and skills with a colleague, to achieve something that neither could do alone. We have a large workspace that enables sharing of your desk, and separate quiet rooms with whiteboards, sofas, large screens, and wide city views to aid your contemplation.
  • Share your knowledge. Give talks for the rest of the team, explaining a useful technology or methodology. It’s a great testing ground for your talk before taking it to a local tech meetup, or to a conference if that’s your thing.
  • Learn! Read books from our library, listen to talks from the rest of the team, and refine your day-to-day work through a really supportive review process.
  • Define our future. Each team member has time outside of client work to discover and experiment with new or untried technologies. We then bring our learnings and recommendations to the rest of the team.
  • Collaborative projects with other companies — we’re lucky to work with some great companies (some even in our building) with skills and expertise that are outside our own.


  • Solid knowledge of modern CSS and HTML.
  • Experience using a CSS pre- or post-processor (e.g. Sass, Post-CSS).
  • Experience developing user interfaces.
  • Awareness of JavaScript.
  • Ability to communicate clearly in English. German is a definite plus (and more languages are always welcome).
  • You want to be part of a welcoming and inclusive team.
  • You have passion for learning, and sharing knowledge

Nice to have

  • Some experience of UI design or visual design.
  • Knowledge of accessibility best practices.
  • Awareness of the practical implications of some or all the buzzwords: mobile-first, responsive, progressive enhancement, graceful degradation, atomic design…
  • Experience with frontend testing e.g. visual regression testing, HTML snapshots, automated accessibility audits.
  • Experience with React — building, styling, and testing components.
  • Some knowledge of writing clientside JS without a fancy modern framework.
  • Experience with cross-browser and cross-device compatibility and testing.
  • Experience with component libraries, pattern libraries, styleguides.


  • Flexible work hours.
  • Attractive compensation, relocation support, visa support.
  • We pay for your education — conferences, books, etc.
  • We’ll also teach you what you need to know in-house, whenever a project requires it.
  • Opportunity to contribute to Open Source projects (see our GitHub).
  • A new MBP with a truly huge monitor, and a device testing lab with a range of mobile devices.
  • A supportive work environment and a highly skilled, non-judgemental team.
  • We’ll provide you with a transport card ('BVG Abo') that gives you free transport on all of Berlin’s public transport systems, all the time. That includes ferries. Really.
  • When the local climate permits, we have lunches and after-work socials together on our roof terrace, with views across the roofs of central Berlin.
  • Equipment for convenience and comfort — choose a standing desk if you want it, or your favourite desk chair, a movable mount for your screen, your own personal noise-cancelling headphones…
  • Our gender-neutral bathrooms have showers, just for those who take a physical approach to commuting
  • There’s an elevator for getting to our fourth-floor office

Apply now

Please include your CV/Résumé, a brief statement of why you want to work with Bitcrowd, and links to your work and/or portfolio.