The Company

An office corner with bright light coming through large windows, falling on two sofas. There are plants, and art on the walls.

bitcrowd builds software for clients large and small. This is an exciting field to work in. It provides us with a constant flow of new topics to drive our ideas, concepts, and work. We have attracted a diverse client base with projects in fintech, logistics, healthcare, shared economy and media. In recent years we have also drawn the attention of larger companies that love our agile way of working to establish their goals faster and more reliably.

We have developed processes and technologies that are proven and productive for the variety of projects we take on. We don’t just write the code. We also care about the process and the product. We help our clients at various stages of their projects, often from the very beginning, through continuous development of features over the years until long term maintenance. Because our clients are often with us for the long-term, they value the quality of our work. We come back to work on what we started years ago. So, when we make decisions, we try to make sure that they are sustainable and pragmatic.

bitcrowd is an international, friendly, and welcoming development team. Currently most of us are working at least partly remote but there is also a comfortable office with a great coffee machine in Mitte, Berlin available for use.

The Opportunity

bitcrowd is looking for a backend developer. This is a permanently employed position, which could be remote (CET +-3 hours timezone). The bitcrowd team is a community of engineers who care deeply about delivering applications that are great to use and fun to maintain. This position is open to remote work, but you need to be allowed to be employed in germany.

What You’ll Get To Do

  • Plan and write code in a team using pair or pack programming, combine your knowledge and skill with colleagues.

  • Learn! Read books from our library, take part in talks and workshops from the rest of the team, and refine your day-to-day work through a supportive review process.

  • Collaborate on projects with people from other agencies.

  • Help educate engineers on other teams through code reviews, giving talks, and writing documentation.

  • Work with collaborative, supportive, and committed team members.

  • Create REST and GraphQL APIs.

  • Build admin interfaces.

  • Design backend applications and services.

  • Test your code extensively.

  • You will define our future. Each team member has time outside of client work to discover and experiment with new or untried technologies. You will bring your insights and recommendations to the rest of the team.

What we offer

  • Being part of an international, friendly, open, and welcoming team.

  • A distraction free work environment that lets you focus on your work.

  • Interesting projects and challenges.

  • Attractive salary, relocation support, visa support.

  • Equipment for convenience and comfort — choose a standing desk if you want it, or your favourite desk chair, a movable mount for your screen, your own personal noise-cancelling headphones.

  • Fast, modern Hardware.

  • We’ll provide you with a transport card (‘VBB AB Jahreskarte’) that gives you free transport on all of Berlin’s public transport systems, all the time. That includes ferries. Really.

  • Access to our library of books (covering programming, design, processes).

  • We’ll buy more books if you recommend them.

  • Conference tickets and travel.

  • We have lunches and after-work socials together.

About you

Minimum Qualification

  • Experience in a backend language (preferably Elixir and/or Ruby).

  • Comfortable with using web frameworks like Phoenix and Rails.

  • You are familiar with the operation side of things: among other things setting up and maintaining CI, CD pipelines.

  • You know how to test code and are comfortable with test and mocking frameworks.

  • You know how to use Git and services like GitHub or GitLab.

  • A love of learning, and helping your colleagues grow.

  • Nobody is perfect. You are comfortable with asking questions when you don’t know something, and discussing solutions together.

  • You are a good communicator and strive for consensus.

  • You are happy to provide and receive constructive feedback.

  • Cherish working in a distributed team and bring the needed asynchronous/written and verbal communication skills.

  • Ability to communicate in English. German is a “nice to have”. (and more languages are always welcome)


  • Experience with functional programming.

  • You know your way around Kubernetes and Docker.

  • Experience with OpenAPI specifications.

  • You are used to share your insights online and would be happy to contribute to our tech blog.

  • You know how to approach an existing codebase and improve its architecture through small, planned interventions.

Some words on diversity

Although technology is used by all kinds of people, it is still built largely by members of the same (privileged) groups. Changing this takes effort and is not always a comfortable process for tech companies. At bitcrowd, we are challenging our own stereotypes and patterns, and supporting communities that work on equal access to tech. We also build our hiring process to support this. If you belong to a group that is underrepresented in tech, we’d especially love to hear from you.