Why Elixir?

  • Scalability

    Lightweight processes and concurrency support for handling heavy traffic.

  • Fault tolerance

    Built-in features for system resilience and minimal downtime.

  • Performance

    Highly-responsive application performance, even under heavy loads.

  • Real-time Applications

    Thousands of concurrent connections managed for real-time functionality.

  • Ecosystem

    Vibrant community support alongside updated libraries and frameworks (e.g. Phoenix).

  • Testing and Maintainability

    Immutability and functionality for easier testing and code maintenance.

  • Concurrency without Complexity

    Actor-based model to simplify parallel processing and distributed systems.

  • Productivity

    Clean syntax, powerful abstractions, and metaprogramming for efficient development.

Why bitcrowd:

Photo of the Elixir meetup 100th edition, bitcrowd Founder in front of a large screen giving a talk to many seated people

At bitcrowd, we launch around ten new projects each year. Our experienced team of Elixir developers feel at home in all kinds of scenarios.

With every client, we get to know new work environments. It gives us the chance to see our ideas play out, and learn every time we create a new solution. With this experience, we can help your team get on and build better products.

We offer consultancy tailored to you, from a team that has been building and deploying live Elixir products since 2016.

We fit into your workflow to improve the aspects that need it — maybe that’s code review, process improvements, or project management.

We can also help directly with development: planning & completing individual features, writing tests, and helping your developers overcome challenges in their own tasks.

If you’re excited by what we’re building and want to learn more, don’t hesitate to reach out. Drop us an email or schedule a conversation to discover how our tools can enhance your projects and streamline your workflow!

Open source

It's an honour to not only stand on the shoulders of giants, but to also build parts of the foundation ourselves. At bitcrowd, we try to improve every aspect of our workflow. If we find a tool that is missing, we invest the time to create and maintain it. Check them out, we hope you find them as useful as other prominent members of the Elixir community.

  • ChromicPDF logo, the text in red, yellow, and green


    A convenient HTML to PDF/A rendering library for Elixir based on Chrome & Ghostscript. NodeJS-free, supports header and footer HTML templates, and can convert to PDF/A

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  • Carbonite logo. Angluar dark-gray text and a stylised C character.


    Audit trails for Elixir/PostgreSQL based on triggers. Carbonite makes it easy to create audit trails for tables in a PostgreSQL database and integrate them into an Elixir application.

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  • ticket-tick logo, a cinema ticket with a checkmark cut out


    A super-useful utility to connect your tickets with the branch, and with their PR, creating a trail of work you can follow.

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  • bitcrowd logo, with an airship heading into the clouds


    To speed up and simplify our work, we created and published a library of UI components perfectly suited to creating admin interfaces.

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bitcrowd developers take an active part in the local and online Elixir communities. We regularly attend and present at local meetups and conferences, and write blog posts about issues and solutions we’ve found interesting. We are proud supporters of Elixir conferences such as Code BEAM Berlin 2023

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How we use it

We leverage Elixir’s power to build scalable, high-performance solutions. The language’s functional programming paradigm promotes code clarity, efficiency, and maintainability.

Planning a project?

Let’s team up and create something remarkable! Just reach out and we’ll get started on your project.

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