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Our team of backend developers has a great deal of experience with prominent server-side programming languages and frameworks, always working to best practices while continuing to build upon them. This means bitcrowd can create software that performs complex tasks in a reliable and secure manner.

  • Scalable system design

  • Extensible modelling

  • Security-first

  • Clean APIs

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Our experienced frontend team builds seamless and engaging experiences for you and your customers. Knowing a wide range of frontend technologies inside and out, bitcrowd’s developers work with precision to lift your designs out of mockups and bring them to life in users’ hands.

The success of your product rests on the right engineering skills. Some require a complex interactive web application that consumes data from your APIs, enabling users to access your project’s full potential wherever they happen to be. We use our expertise to guide you through all the important decisions.

Using the latest web technologies, our team creates eye-catching layouts, including responsive magazine-style brochure content that engages your customers across all devices. By leaning heavily into the web platform itself – HTML, CSS, and JS technologies – our frontend team creates products that will reach the most people, while pleasing the SEO gods and lasting as long as the web itself.

That’s not all. Creative, colourful content and highly-responsive web apps should be available to all your potential customers and employees – which means accessibility is at the heart of every product we build. No one is to be left out, and no market ignored. Our frontend team’s inclusive work keeps up with EU law while putting you far ahead of your competitors.

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Design & UX

Our skilled design team specialises in crafting elegantly simple UIs for complex applications and bold brochure layouts for engaging landing pages.

We work to your needs – first by researching your product space and the requirements of your users, creating personas and journeys, and also conducting competitor research as well as SWOT analyses. During the design process we make use of sketching and wireframing, we develop high-fidelity visual designs, and we create interactive prototypes. Are you a hands-on client? We’re available to workshop solutions with you at every stage.

For large-scale projects, we build comprehensive design systems and component libraries – ensuring consistency while helping streamline future products. When there’s no full design system as a foundation, our tooling will make developer handoff smooth and stable.

The design process at bitcrowd can involve: user research; the creation of user personas and journeys; workshopping and sketching; prototyping; the crafting of high-fidelity designs; custom-building design systems; bespoke brand design; art direction; custom illustration services; motion design and micro-interactions;developer handoff. Our wide range of skills and services is there to cover every possible stage of your project’s journey.

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When it comes to your product idea, a one-line elevator pitch can seem straightforward enough. However, turning that idea into reality is more complex: we need to create a detailed specification of how it’ll work, step by step, and detail by detail. Together we’ll discuss what’s possible, what’s cost-effective, and what each decision will mean for your users.

Using techniques like mind-mapping, storyboarding, and workshopping, bitcrowd challenges assumptions and brings forth new ideas, exploring all possibilities for your project to find the best solutions using available technologies. We believe innovation starts by questioning the obvious.

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Building Applications

Wherever you are in the development cycle, we can bring you a successful, solid product that your customers can rely on. We’ll work with you throughout the process, so you can rely on our skills and experience to avoid potential pitfalls – all the while keeping your voice involved in everything we do, from ideas to design.

We can build to fit the technical requirements of your existing software stack, making sure you have access to the simplest, most robust, and well-tested solutions.

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A modern digital project should serve your customers for years to come – all while attracting new users. We build robust products with a combination of solid engineering, sound experience, and foundations built using future-proofed web technologies. Our reliable care and attention will keep your users happy for a long time to come.

It’s also vital that we keep your customers safe. The software underpinning web products is continually being tested and improved upon to fix any bugs. With regular updated to your codebase, we can ensure that your customers enjoy a solid product that never lets them down – helping you can avoid embarrassing emails explaining what went wrong!