Who we are

Our friendly team at bitcrowd is made up of hardworking and approachable experts from around the world. We work both remotely and from our comfortable office in Berlin’s Mitte district (it has a great coffee machine).

But we don’t simply write code and craft designs. We care about both the process and the product – helping our clients through each stage, from the project’s beginnings to long-term maintenance and post-release development.

The supportive, sustainable, and pragmatic environment here at bitcrowd has provided our greatest achievement: an enduring, successful relationship with our clients.

The team

It’s people who make bitcrowd thrive.

Thanks to our team’s diverse talents and devotion to their work, we’re able to create influential products of the highest standard.

  • Hand-drawn portrait of Daniela Knöpfle

    Daniela Knöpfle

    Technical Project Manager

  • Portrait of Darren Cadwallader

    Darren Cadwallader

    UI/UX Engineer

  • Portrait of Joshua Bauer

    Joshua Bauer


  • Portrait of Vicky Pradel-Drengner

    Victoria Pradel-Drengner

    Office Manager

  • Portrait of Agathe Lenclen

    Agathe Lenclen


  • Portrait of Alfonso Mancilla

    Alfonso Mancilla


  • Portrait of Malte Rohde

    Malte Rohde


  • Hand-drawn portrait of Sabine Holler

    Sabine Holler

    Frontend Developer

  • Hand-drawn portrait of Max Mulatz

    Max Mulatz


  • Hand-drawn portrait of Hannah Voget

    Hannah Voget


  • Hand-drawn portrait of Ed Eva

    Ed Eva

    Product Designer

  • Hand-drawn portrait of Christoph Beck

    Christoph Beck


  • Hand-drawn portrait of Angelika Tyborska

    Angelika Tyborska


  • Hand-drawn portrait of Andreas Knöpfle

    Andreas Knöpfle


Some words on diversity

Technology is used by all types of people – but it’s still largely built by the same few groups. Changing the standards of the tech industry isn’t always a comfortable process, but at bitcrowd we’re working to diversify and expand our demographic makeup, while supporting communities fighting for equal access to tech. This is reflected in our hiring process.

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