Box - Die Abholstation

Box – Die Abholstation is Deutsche Bahn’s vision for making their stations an ever-more useful part of daily life. Providing a pick-up and drop-off site for all kinds of deliveries — from pan-European retailers to local florists and dry-cleaners — orders can be collected on your way home, simply by using a secure locker at your local train station.

Working with Deutsche Bahn, bitcrowd helped identify the project’s requirements to create a product that’s functional and accessible. During our in-depth workshopping process we sketched and wireframed every step of the process to meet the needs of retailers, end users, and DB staff. As security for Box – Die Abholstation is critical, our backend team worked hard to create fully robust systems, while our frontend engineers crafted intuitive layouts from our UX and visual designers.

Since Box – Die Abholstation launched, we’ve been continually refining, improving, and extending both the product and its marketing materials, creating new landing pages and an interactive demo to walk users through the whole process.

Released: October '21

Phone-sized screen showing the UI for selecting a compartment size. Available sizes are shown with measurements and a line drawing of the compartment.
Phone-sized screenshot of the UI for selecting how to return an article through the Box system


For centuries the research hospital Charité has been renowned for its pioneering work across many different medical fields. Products created by their research teams are tested in real-world medical trials, before being launched in hospitals throughout Germany – treating people and saving lives.

With bitcrowd’s help, the research collected by Charité radiologists was used to train a machine learning (ML) model, allowing clinicians to more quickly and accurately diagnose eye conditions. Rather than searching through printed textbooks or looking up previous cases in Charité databases, clinicians can now upload MRI scans to Radioeye, receiving possible diagnoses along with case history and fully-navigable scans.

Released: July '23

A large MRI scan of a human head, with Ui around it for navigating cases and diagnoses


everyworks takes coworking one step further. The project of the DB Station&Service AG opens office space at train stations as coworking spaces with minute-based billing or tailor-made office solutions on a monthly basis. The Elixir API and backend by bitcrowd powers the native apps built by our friends at evenly.

Released: January '20

Screenshot of the everyworks website, describing how company accounts work
Screenshot of the everyworks UI, showing a selection of highlights of their coworking spaces — free wifi, tea, & coffee, luggage storage etc.

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