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We build software for startups

  • Startup Workshop

    You have an idea? You are working on a business plan or have received funding? We bring in the perspective of experienced developers and system architects.

  • Build it!

    Once the concept is solid, we build your app using the best technologies for the job. And our work does not stop with the launch: We are with you for maintenance, new features and scaling. And while your traction grows, we help you build up your inhouse team. We train them on your application and make sure they can take over.

  • Rescue Mission

    We’ll get you back on the road! We can help you if your technical co-founder has left, software quality has fallen, or releases take ages to complete. We establish well-defined development processes, testing, and release procedures in your company.

We boost enterprises

  • Feature Booster

    A development team is often only as big as the applications operation requires. We’ll help you take the next step. With our active support, expertise and “outside view” we’ll relieve your development team, clear barriers and build new features or subprojects.

  • Product Management

    Setting the right course is essential for a fast journey. We help you to focus your efforts and make them more effective. We ensure that you get the biggest customer value for your money. You give your ideas and we translate it to the imput the development team needs.

  • Technology Migration

    What can be done to make your product more maintainable or faster? If you need to move away from Angular1, move to a service orientated architecture or want to harvest the parallel processing power of elixir, we lay out the path for you.

We bring our experience, skills, and passion to your project.

What we’ve been up to

  • Liefery

    In the matter of three years, Liefery has become a major player in same day delievery sector. Having aquired customers like amazon and Zalando, is delievering over 10.000 items per day. We are very proud that Liefery was working with us starting from commit 1. Using our agile processes, we were able to help liefery to meet its changing challenges since 2014.

    Screenshot of the everyworks site
  • Solarisbank

    Solarisbank is revolutionizing banking services building the world's first banking platform. We are very thrilled to help them building their finance and banking API services.

    Screenshot of the Solarisbank site
  • everyworks

    everyworks takes coworking one step further. The project of the DB Station&Service AG opens railway stations as coworking spaces with minute-based billing or tailor-made office solutions on a monthly basis. The Elixir API and backend by bitcrowd powers the native apps built by our friends at evenly.

    Screenshot of the Liefery site


Test Driven

Manually testing software is a tedious and error-prone task. Like all boring tasks, we automate tests away. The time it costs to write a test is time saved manifold in all future development cycles. Running tests before every commit helps us to keep the software quality high, the QA-times short and deployment fast.


Your users cannot work with your product until it’s there. We plan the application to the point where it’s usable, then we add the next bit until the product is what your customers really need. We respond to change, collaborate with you, and build working software you can interact with.


  • Ruby on Rails

  • Angular

  • React

  • Javascript

  • Elixir

  • Phoenix

Our team says Hi!

  • Malte Rohde

    Malte Rohde


    Runtime optimized Keyboard Yodeler

  • Darren Cadwallader

    Darren Cadwallader

    UX, Interface & Design

    Frontend Fairy

  • Christoph Beck

    Christoph Beck

    Founder, Conceptionist

    Head of Intergalactic Conspiracy

  • Qiao Lin

    Qiao Lin


    General purpose floater

  • Andreas Knöpfle

    Andreas Knöpfle


    Universal optimist, Gem enthusiast

  • Nicolò Gnudi

    Nicolò Gnudi


    Graffiti coder, Pasta fanatic

  • Agathe Lenclen

    Agathe Lenclen


    Pattern Matching Sandwich Artist

  • Max Mulatz

    Max Mulatz


    Whitespace wrestler on a functional fieldtrip

  • Julian Dobmann

    Julian Dobmann


    Developer of hypnotic technologies

  • Daniela Knöpfle

    Daniela Knöpfle

    Event Manager

    Air Space Marsheller for the bitcrowd hangar

  • Philipp Tessenow

    Philipp Tessenow


    Dad joke author aka. Pun-jabi MC

  • Victoria Pradel-Drengner

    Victoria Pradel-Drengner

    Office Management

    Chief Amazement Officer

  • Christine Blattert

    Christine Blattert

    Office Management

    Berlin newbie interim officer

  • Paul Meinhardt

    Paul Meinhardt



  • Lars Wassermann

    Lars Wassermann


    High-priest to the browser gods

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