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Clients hire us because we bring our experience, skill and passion to their project. We give advice, conceptualise, design and implement your application using state-of-the-art technologies like Ruby, JavaScript, Rails, AngularJS and React. We love pair programming, test-driven and agile software development.

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homify is an online newspaper for architects, builders, designers and their customers. homify is already available in five countries and languages.


moviepilot.com is the place to go for movie lovers. Its focus is on movies that have not been released — sometimes not even produced, yet still craved.

Mobile Webapp

In october 2012 Ben Kubota of moviepilot.com asked us to build the first version of the movipilot.com mobile website. He planned to go online just ten workdays later and had a really thought-out idea of what he wanted to achieve. With this we were able to steam ahead and build the web-app — it went online on workday 9.

Content Management

When their content team is adding articles to the moviepilot.com system, they do so through the content editing system we built for them. It is tailored to fit their workflow with features to remind the team of content that’s needed or in need of updating.


bookletsworld allows users to micro-publish photos and writings from their everyday lives to special events.

Rescue Mission

The team at bookletsworld called us in when development got stuck and releases took weeks instead of minutes. We consolidated the code-base, brought in testing and defined workflows. That way, we enabled the inhouse team to keep the upcoming deadline and deploy daily again.

Consolidated Workflow

By adopting our battle-proven workflow, the inhouse team gained speed and control. The management was able to make — and keep — promises towards the investors. Bookletsworld was feature-complete just three months after we stepped in.


Ruby On Rails

When it comes to fast software development and quick releases, Ruby and Rails are the best choices for many web-applications. With their excellent test coverage, built-in security features and well-established vulnerability procedures they provide expandability over a long lifecyle.


Sometimes Ruby is not the perfect fit as backend, for example in real time processing with technologies like WebSockets. For those cases we tend to use Elixir. It is a very modern language based on Erlang and an ideal solution for extreme robust and scalable applications.


JavaScript has become the foundation of modern web applications. While many applications use it only for UX-enhancements, more and more usecases demand single-page apps founded on proven JS frameworks. We have deployed applications using node, backbone, angular and react.

AngularJS and React

Each framework has its top use cases. For UX-enhancements and many single-page usecases, we found AngularJS and React our tools of choice. They help us build up a logical, self-explanatory code structure that even inexperienced developers can dive right into.


Test Driven

Manually testing software is a tedious and error-prone task. Like all boring tasks, we automate tests away. The time it costs to write a test is time saved manifold in all future development cycles. Running tests before every commit helps us to keep the software quality high, the QA-times short and deployment fast.


Your users cannot work with your product until it’s there. We plan the application to the point where it’s usable, then we add the next bit until the product is what your customers really need. We respond to change, collaborate with you, and build working software you can interact with.

We are:

  • Christoph Beck

    Christoph Beck

    Founder, Conceptionist, Head of Intergalactic Conspiracy

  • Darren Cadwallader

    Darren Cadwallader

    UX, Interface & Design, Frontend-Fairy

  • Rin Rauber

    Rin Räuber

    Developer, Wannabe Cyborg, Emoji Evangelist

  • Philipp Tessenow

    Philipp Tessenow

    Developer, Tech-Nerd, Intranet-Gangster

  • Alexandra Krajzewicz

    Alexandra Krajzewicz

    office-management, chiefs' right hand and assistance

  • Pascal Weiland

    Pascal Weiland

    JavaScripter on Rails, Cookievangelist

  • Edward McCaughan

    Edward McCaughan

    Developer, rails wrangler, chaser of squirrels

  • Paul Meinhardt

    Paul Meinhardt

    Developer, High-Tech-Deep-Diver

  • Andreas Knöpfle

    Andreas Knöpfle

    Developer, universal optimist, gem enthusiast

  • Pia Hammer

    Pia Hammer

    Javascripter-In-Training, Northern light

  • Paulo Diniz

    Paulo Diniz

    Developer, Wannabe mathematician, Emacs propagandist

  • Yulia Startsev

    Yulia Startsev

    Developer, Functional fan, HIGH PRIESTESS OF THE QUANTIFIED SELF

  • Julian Dobmann

    Julian Dobmann

    Developer of Hypnotic Technologies

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